Private Coaching

These are private sessions mainly targeted at those who love the flexibility and intimacy of a one on one or small group coaching relationship and like the idea of having that constant push and step by step guidance to the finish line. The number of sessions needed depend on individual needs & goals.

1.  One on one coaching

These private coaching sessions vary between three (3) to eight (8) sessions in number of one (1) to one & a half (1.5) hours each. These are well spaced out to allow application and to meet various objectives.

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*Payment should be made at least 24hours before each coaching session.
*10% discount is extended for advance total payment for agreed upon number of sessions.

Investment Portfolio Audit

This involves examination of an investment portfolio to ensure that the allocation across various investment classes is optimized and aligned with the goals that have been set. This review helps to discover and correct any weaknesses that could be slowing one down from achieving the desired goals.
The deliverable is a report detailing recommended goal-driven investments and action plans to guide implementation of these recommendations. Investment advice received will be custom-made to suit your unique circumstances and needs.

Ksh. 20,000
Minimum Fee
  • This will vary based on time needed for the audit completion. This takes into account various factors including the number of goals pursued, number of investments owned, etc.
2.  Group Coaching

These are ideal for small groupings or teams of like-minded people, e.g. investment groups (chamas), corporates, families and friends. They are designed to cater for the collective & individual needs and goals of the members of these teams or organizations.
In all we do, we help participants get out of their way so that they can achieve their desired goals. We empower them to take responsibility for their decisions, support their continual learning and keep them accountable throughout the journey.

Ksh. 10,000 (per hour)
  • Group coaching sessions are limited to a maximum of 15 people.
  • These coaching sessions are limited to a minimum of three (3).