Financial Wellness Programs

These are practical small group programs conducted in partnership with experts in various areas within and without finance. The duration of the program depends on the particular program registered for. Our programs are open/ generic or custom-made.

Our generic programs are hands-on and participant centered. They are designed to cater for the needs of individuals, teams and organizations and include the ‘BeNICERTM program and our online programs. We also build intentionally customized programs or solutions that specifically address the needs of individuals, teams and organizations. These solutions are particularly relevant where our generic options do not fit their specific needs.

1.  Be NICERTMProgram

This program focuses on the person, hence the call to ‘be’ NICER (Acronym for five habits: Note, Inspect, Correct, Engage and Repeat). Participants are guided on how to apply these five and instill the habit of:

  • Noting their financial status and goals – Participants learn how to keep proper financial records, including net worth and cash flow statements that enable them to ascertain their financial position. They learn the habit of tracking expenses and creating SMART goals that are easy to execute.
  • Inspecting progress towards their financial goals – Participants gain the skills to inspect/ monitor their net worth (& debt) position, cash management and how to monitor the progress of their goals. They also learn to differentiate between needs & wants and how to gain & keep ideal associations.
  • Correcting deviations from positive progress – Participants learn how to take corrective action (in improving their financial position) and redirect towards the desired direction. They learn how to correct their financial position by saving more, earning more and getting out of debt.
  • Engaging in achieving their goals – Participants learn that their involvement in their financial journey is key to the extent of success they get to enjoy. Investors need to understand why and where they are invested, how to grow and even safeguard their hard earned wealth.
  • Repeating the NICE habits –Success begins when one starts achieving goals in their day to day living. Participants learn that success stems not in always doing their best work; but in doing their best consistently. They gain the tools that help them put in place a strong financial foundation.

This program is open to anyone who is willing to make positive progress financially. Everyone is called to ‘come as they are’. The program is covered in six (6) sessions stretched up to 3 (three) months to allow application.

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