During these work sessions, key topics are covered comprehensively in a relaxed environment. Through use of case studies, practical examples and assignments, participants are engaged in meaningful discussions that they can relate with and apply long after the workshop. The workshops are organized periodically, all year round.

These annual workshops include:
Taking stock
This workshop is held at the middle of the year. This serves as a great time to take stock of the past half year and to strategize on how to close the year financially stronger. The participants take an in-depth personal review of where they are at by reviewing their goals, accomplishments& challenges, and get to document their financial position. They then get to craft a way forward in extending their comfort zone. They leave the workshop with a blueprint that enables them to keep aligned with their goals and close the year financially stronger.
Retire Inspired
Retirement should be an exciting time. However, many sink into poverty upon retirement, subsequently undergoing difficulties due to lack of money. To avoid this kind of misery, one of your major goals should be to ensure you have enough to live on in your old age. How? By regularly and consistently saving and investing money for retirement during the years in which you are actively earning an income. This workshop will set you on a journey to achieving the lifestyle you desire upon retirement.
Being financially one
When you say ‘I do,’ one of the vows should be that you understand that you are taking on the financial behaviour of your spouse. Financial imbalance between couples is a leading reason for relationship conflicts and divorce. A couple with money disharmony will have little marital harmony. In this workshop, the participants get to learn how to build wealth together. The couples learn how to bring money into balance and how to work together towards a shared financial future.
Investing right
Everyone has a different vision for their ideal future, which is why it is important to understand life goals to aim for and invest towards these. With the understanding that wealth is personal, this workshop will help you build a unique financial plan that aims to deliver the ideal lifestyle that you have in mind. The participants learn how to define & refine their investment objectives and how to optimally allocate their investments across various investment classes in alignment with their set objectives.
Parenting on money
In this workshop, the participants learn about how to raise money savvy kids. The money topic should be taught alongside sciences, math and other topics. However, this gap in the school system is clear. This workshop is a must attend for parents who want to set up their children for success by teaching them money lessons before sending them off to the real world. Join other participants in our next workshop to learn how to make your child(ren) money genius, at whatever age.
Enroll for our workshops:

Workshop                               Venue                                      Date                            Costs 

Taking stock                             Sankara Hotel                           3rd July 2021                Kshs. 6,500

Retire Inspired                           [Venue to be confirmed]                        11thSept 2021               Kshs. 6,500

Investing right                           [Venue to be confirmed]                        6thNov 2021                  Kshs. 8,000

Being financially one                 [Venue to be confirmed]                        5thFeb 2022                  Kshs. 6,500

Parenting on money                  [Venue to be confirmed]                        2ndApr 2022                 Kshs. 6,500

Taking stock                             [Venue to be confirmed]                        25th June 2022              Kshs. 6,500

*10% discount is extended to participants who settle their fees in full a week in advance of the workshop.