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Services include:

These are private sessions mainly targeted at those who love the flexibility and intimacy of a one on one or small group coaching relationship and like the idea of having that constant push and step by step guidance to the finish line. The number of sessions needed depend on individual needs & goals. Read More

These are practical small group programs conducted in partnership with experts in various areas within and without finance. The duration of the program depends on the particular program registered for. Read More.

During these single day work sessions, key topics are covered comprehensively in a relaxed environment. Workshops and Seminars are organized periodically, all year round. Read More

These include corporate speaking engagements, talks to Chama members and other groups on various financial topics. Read More

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Gladys Juma has authored two personal financial management books – ‘Managing Your Finances God’s Way’ (with a workbook by the same title) and ‘Smart Money Habits’ which have been written in simple and easy to understand language. The books promise a lot of learning on money management. Read More

Our growing community is able to learn from each other and receive direct guidance from Gladys through the various social media platforms. Join Our Community

This recently launched money education platform was created to reach more people – even the busy ones who could choose to listen to one on the go– while on commute or even while at the gym. Through this podcast, I turn the highly complex and intimidating topic of personal finance into a fun and easy one for anyone to understand and gain from.

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Author | Coach | Speaker | Trainer

Gladys, CPA, BCOM, MBA, describes herself as an accounting nerd with bias for personal finance.

She graduated with a commerce degree (Accounting option) and subsequently a Masters degree in Strategic Management. She has worked for over 18 years in corporate Kenya, holding various leadership positions in Finance and General Management. She serves on various boards. Since the inception of her coaching career, she has been providing quality, unbiased personal finance education, advice and guidance to various groups as well as to individuals. She has also been invited to speak on a variety of financial and non-financial topics. Her vision is to transform and serve society through imparting financial literacy in Africa & beyond in the 21st century.

Sam Jim MwanyasiAndrew MutuaJenny KimaniEmma MiloyoMurugi PaulineLydia NdirituMachacha MuchiriDr. Patricia Murugami
We have been privileged to work with Gladys as a financial consultant in our firm and in our forums. She is an astute professional with an excellent grasp in financial matters and has been very enlightening to our investors and partners whenever we give her an opportunity to train, coach and address them.
Sam Jim Mwanyasi
Chairman - Swift Acceptances Limited
Gladys’ deep knowledge in Personal Finance gives one a 360-degrees view of what one needs to do to attain financial freedom. She clearly and expertly shares this information and wisdom through her coaching, speaking and books. I’ve, personally, learned a great deal on the fundamental money habits that I need to adopt to be financially successful. This has been truly life changing for me. If you desire to get your money right, then I highly recommend her.
Andrew Mutua
CEO, Alternate Limited, Kigali Rwanda
We had a very insightful and beneficial session with our parents in regards to Financial planning and the parents had very good feedback. Gladys also came to the school on another occasion and had a session with our staff on Personal finance - giving us tips on best financial strategies for living. We were ever so inspired by these insights and would definitely invite her again in the future! As a school these sessions are well appreciated.
Jenny Kimani
Head of School - Kiota School
The session was very informative with good practical examples and an open discussion forum, Gladys is a great instructor. From the session, we gained knowledge on investment and budgeting culture and were equipped with tools for financial planning and making decisions effectively. Learning the value of money as a foundation for understanding and appreciating the personal financial decisions we make was the highlight of the session. This provided all of us with a framework to help guide decisions in money management.
Emma Miloyo
Director - Design Source
Amotech Financial Wellness Webinar was insightful. The information that was shared was relevant to all across the board regardless of rank and was broken down into understandable components- nothing technical. The team greatly benefited from learning about the various investment options available locally. As a team, we stand better informed on management of personal finances.
Murugi Pauline
Human Resources Manager - Amotech Africa
I can truly say that meeting Gladys has been nothing short of amazing. Her passion for what she does comes through with every event we’ve hosted together, leaving her audiences empowered having set them on the right path to achieve financial independence. Gladys has a wide breadth of knowledge and relevant experience in her field which helps her deliver her programs with such a high level of commitment and professionalism while at the same time, breaking down the technical concepts to ensure no participant is left behind.
Lydia Ndiritu
Founder - Lywandi Networks
Thank you Gladys for sparing time to educate my team on management of Personal Finances. We look forward to joining other sessions to learn more on this topic in individual capacities as well as a team.
Machacha Muchiri
Ceo - Amotech Africa
Gladys Juma was a panelist during our annual Breakthrough Conference entitled: ‘Your Next Best Self’ which was held on 7th of March 2019. The session was attended by women from Kenya and across the borders who are in different ages. The aim of the conference was to equip the ladies with tools and skills to enable them make progress in their professional and social lives and become their next best self by helping them unlock their potential. Gladys is a seasoned coach when it comes to Financial Wellness and it was very evident during the panel presentation. She provided them with real life solutions to help with their finances. Also she has been an effective coach for several of our clients.
Dr. Patricia Murugami
Founder - Breakthrough Consulting Solutions Group