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Gain clarity on your finances

Whether you’re in the heart of your career, approaching retirement, or already retired, we can work with you to deliver the results you desire. We do this by crafting & applying personalized/ in-house programs and tools that address the existing financial position, provide step by step guidelines on how to improve it and that ensure financial wellness is sustained.

When we review and address your financial concerns, we comprehensively look at your financial picture tapping into your relationship with money, exploring your values, beliefs, behavior and habits. The result of this is a customized strategy and action plan that when implemented ensures that positive long-term financial change is achieved.  Our goal is to simplify and strengthen your financial life so that you can focus on the things you value most.

In all we do, we help you get out of your way so that you can achieve your goals. We empower you to take responsibility for your decisions, support your continual learning and keep you accountable throughout the journey.

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Services include:

these are private sessions mainly targeted at those who love the flexibility and intimacy of a one on one coaching relationship and like the idea of having a financial partner. The number of sessions needed depend on the problem at hand.

These are practical small group programs conducted in partnership with experts in various areas within and without finance. Depending on the particular program registered for, these coaching sessions last 6 to 8 weeks.

These full day and weekend (2-day) workshops happen bi-annually within the first half and the second half of the year respectively. During these workshops key topics are covered comprehensively in a relaxed environment.

these include corporate speaking engagements, speaking to chama members and other invitations to speak on various financial topics.

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Gladys Juma has authored two personal financial management books – ‘Managing Your Finances God’s Way’ and ‘Smart Money Habits’ which have been written in simple and easy to understand language. The books promise a lot of learning on money management.

Our growing community is able to learn from each other and receive direct guidance from Gladys through the various social media platforms.


Author | Coach | Speaker | Trainer

Gladys, CPA, BCOM, MBA, describes herself as an accounting nerd with bias for personal finance.

She graduated with a commerce degree (Accounting option) and subsequently a Masters degree in Strategic Management. She has worked for over 15 years in corporate Kenya, holding various leadership positions in Finance and General Management. She serves on the boards of Olympia Capital, Brooms limited amongst others. Since the inception of her coaching career, I have been providing quality, unbiased personal finance education, advice and guidance to various groups as well as to individuals. She has also been invited to speak on a variety of financial and non-financial topics.